No Turkey Tours are scheduled at this time.

If you are interested in any future Tours to Turkey, please contact us. We will notify you when other tours are scheduled.

WorldChristian presents Pilgrimage and History Tours to Turkey — the other Holy Land

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Refer someone and we will pay you $100 if they join a Tour within one year; bring and help host your own group of at least ten, and we will credit you $1,000 toward your own complete Tour cost. staff and friends would be delighted to have you along! We are offering you an opportunity to travel with like-minded believers in a part of the world largely untouched by the gospel of Christ. This will primarily be an opportunity to visit and learn about the early church and the region’s historic and contemporary realities. It will help you to understand more of the context in which Christianity spread, the challenges it faces now, and the dynamic heartbeat of a modern Islamic country.

While this tour is not intended for evangelistic outreach, nor as an occasion to hand out gospel tracts or to plan for a time of extended fasting, it will provide a time for reflection and prayer in a country near to the heart of God.

Turkey has increasingly become a strategic country with significant influence on other Islamic nations; it is important for Christians to be prayerfully informed. You will have a chance to impact and bless Turkey through your presence and your prayers.

Please be aware that the tour will involve a significant amount of walking up- and down-hill, over ancient uneven cobble stones and through excavated ruins--you need to be in good shape and also be able to carry your own luggage through airports. Each day’s tour activities will conclude by resting in a comfortable hotel, and having dinner together. Afterwards you will be free to disburse, catch up on email, spend the evening in your own preferred ways or get together over dessert, tea or a glass of wine.

Please review the material soon, and prayerfully consider whether you should take part in either of the upcoming tours. If after reviewing the detailed Easter and Ramadan brochures (see link in the right sidebar) you have any questions, call WorldChristian Tour hosts Max Hatfield: 1.719.337.1004, or email the WorldChristian Tour coordinator Paul:

Print out the tour forms (see the right sidebar) that you will need to complete, and mail them to secure your place. Also, apply for a passport if you don’t already have one; existing passports must be good six months beyond the travel dates.



The 2014 Ramadan Tour Brochure with itinerary, costs and other details.
The 2014 Easter Tour Brochure with itinerary, costs and other details.
Our general WorldChristian Tours brochure with more about Turkey.


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