About World Christian Tours

WorldChristian presents Pilgrimage and History Tours to Turkey — the other Holy Land

Come on an adventure that will give new life to your understanding of the Bible, expose you to a moderate expression of Islam and Middle-Eastern culture, and give you an opportunity to make a difference by praying on-site with insight in a land near to the heart of God.

Why Turkey?

Once a bastion of Christianity, Turkey is now considered an unreached nation. The bitter conflicts between Turkey’s Muslim rulers during the second millennium AD with “Christian Europe,” have resulted in almost insurmountable barriers toward becoming Christian. To be Turkish is synonymous with being Muslim.While Turkey is a secular parliamentary democracy (and member of NATO), her population is almost entirely Islamic. Few of Turkey’s 75 million inhabitants have ever truly heard the gospel.

Christian communities continued to exist in significant numbers in the beginning of the 20th century. Massacres, persecution and emigration have since reduced their numbers to 0.21%. The number of Turkish and Kurdish evangelical believers is estimated today at merely 4,000.

It is a vibrant country, where both modern and ancient live side-by-side. It is also a country with significant and growing strategic influence within the wider Islamic world—worthy of our interest and prayers!

Other things you will enjoy

Turkish hospitality is famous the world over. The culture is warm and friendly, and locals are adept at making guests feel welcome. Turkish cuisine is tasty, hearty and fresh — a fusion of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Balkan. Lamb, rice, roasted vegetables and delicious flat breads are just some of the healthful fare offered in Turkey.

Turkish music has its own distinctive style and sounds. Expect to return home with the unforgettable rhythms of lute and cymbal echoing in your soul. Shopping is an experience all its own. From shops in small villages, to the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, you will discover merchants eager to offer a cup of tea or coffee while you browse. Famous for carpets, ceramics, textiles, etc., you are certain to find something special to bring home.


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